Hot Cocoa Bombs — THM S, Keto, Low-carb, Sugar-free

Hot Cocoa Bombs are the rage right now! If you have never heard of Cocoa Bombs, they are cute little chocolate balls that you place into a mug. When you pour hot milk over the chocolate balls, they melt, spilling out marshmallows, chocolate chips, and cocoa mix. Children just love these and so do adults for that matter!

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Vanilla Cappuccino Mix THM FP or S

Bitter, cold, windy days call for hot, steamy drinks to ward off chills. This healthy Cappuccino mix is a pantry staple that takes the place of the pre-packaged sugar-laden mixes. Depending on whether you use cream, almond milk this drink can be either a THM Fuel Pull or a THM S. Or if you like iced drinks all year around you can serve this drink over ice! Either way its a win!!

Iced Cappuccino

My family enjoy all kinds of drinks. Coffee stars at the top of the list that our family enjoys. This creamy Cappuccino

Hot cappuccino
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Vanilla Oolong Tea Concentrate THM-FP

We, as mothers often find ourselves with too much to do and not enough of time to take care of ourselves. Teas and drinks help to keep me from snacking but they do take time to prepare. Here is an easy way to have oolong tea ready at your fingertips. I find that when I have these small jars of concentrate in my fridge, I drink much more. My youngest daughter can put the ingredients in the jars and even fill them with hot water using the Keurig. I hope this handy tip will help you in the busyness of life.

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Mint Chocolate Iced Latte THM-FP, SF, Low Carb, GF

Coffee is a favorite drink of mine as you probably can tell by now! This Mint Chocolate Iced Latte is delicious and so refreshing! You can’t go wrong paring these flavors together. The Latte in itself in is a FP but if you garnish it with whipped cream as pictured it is an S. I will often drink it without whipped cream but it is special to serve to guests with garnishes and my daughters think it need whipped cream, too!

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Sourdough English Muffins THM-E

Make your own Sourdough English Muffins–why of course you can! These Sourdough English Muffins are stirred together with a large spatula using white whole wheat The dough is then allowed to ferment for seven hours at room temperature. English Muffins are dry fried in a skillet over medium-low heat until they are totally cooked through. This dry frying gives them a crisp crust with a moist chewy center that English Muffins are known for. My family just loves them. You can make your own sourdough starter or you can request a small jar by emailing me . I do ask that you cover the cost of packing/shipping.

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Vanilla/Caramel Iced Coffee THM-FP

Summertime is rapidly approaching and I am always on the lookout for refreshing drinks to serve to my family and to guests. Iced Coffee is a favorite and this recipe uses leftover brewed coffee from our breakfast time. You can adjust the extracts and sweeteners to your liking if you prefer it less sweet. I added just a bit of cream to get a smooth creamy texture but it still is within THM FP guidelines. I use my hand blender or my Ninja Blender to thoroughly mix it. My family enjoys this drink and I hope you will, too.

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