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 If you purchase items through these links, I receive a small commission but your price doesn’t change. Your purchase help support this blog, keeps new recipes coming, and assist with our move to a mission outreach of our church. Below are a few of my favorites listed under the affiliate store I purchase them.

My favorite Kitchen Appliances! Amazon

Sourdough Baking Supplies

I love this Clay Baker, of all the bakers I have listed it is my favorite!

This Instant Read Thermometer is very easy to use. It can be use for meats, breads, candy , etc.

Recently I purchased this Danish Dough Whisk to mix my no-knead breads. I love it! It makes the process much easier.

These are my favorites to mix starter with. Silicone Spatula Set with Steel Core.
This can be found at most Walmart’s or supermarkets.

You will find many more recipes in the spiral bound 600+ page Around the Family Table Cookbook. All recipes are sugar-free and label with the correct fuel. Books can be purchased using this link. Buy it now!

We have received our newest printing of our cookbook. It has been revised and the sourdough chapters updated.