Cookbook Sale and a Giveaway!

Black Friday COOKBOOK Sale! $24.99 — $3.00 off the regular price of $27.99.

All cookbook ship Priority Mail due to starter shipping along with the books.

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Quick and Easy Sprouted Bread or Dinner Rolls, THM E, Dairy-free

Bread is a prominent food staple in many parts of the world. It is one of the oldest man-made foods recorded in history. To many of us, when we think of bread, we think of white fluffy bread. But did you know that white bleached flour has very little value in it and really isn’t that good for you? But you can make soft, fluffy bread with nutrition value by using sprouted whole wheat flour.

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Weekly Small Business Feature —Sewing, Patterns, & Fabric!

Every week from now until Christmas, I will be featuring a small business! A lot of these small businesses are busy mothers with families who work out of their homes/shops.

This Week’s Featured Business is Sew Basic Dresses, and 3 online fabric stores — Just A Sew, Elegant Threads, and County Home and Fabric.

If you know my love for sewing and custom tailoring you will know why I am featuring these products. When it comes to sewing there is nothing better than having a pattern that works well and these patterns are just wonderful to use.

As a young girl I made my first doll clothes before I went to school. I took a scrap of fabric and hand sewed a cap for my doll. I still remember what the fabric looked like and ho I made it. By my teens I was making all of my dresses and loved to sew. For quite a number of years after I was married I pieced quilts, pillows, ect for my parent’s store, Snyder’s Furniture. In the more recent years I have been custom tailoring men’s suit coats along with my regular sewing.

Sew Basic Dresses Patterns

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