THM SALE–June 20-21

Here are a few items THM has on sale until Friday midnight CT time. The New Hydrates, Dark Chocolate, Whey Protein, Collagen, Coconut Dream Hydrating Cream,and more. Here is my affiliate link if you wish to purchase through it. Trim Healthy Mama Store I receive a few pennies but your price does not change.

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The Perfect Cheesecake THM-S, Keto Friendly

Cheesecakes have always been a favorite dessert of mine to make for special occasion. They are one of the easiest dessert to make sugar-free and low-carb and they taste just like the sugar-laden ones do. When I take a cheesecake to carry-in dinners I always come home with an empty plate. Separating the eggs and whipping the egg whites stiff give a wonderful light texture. You can also bake this cheesecake in a 9 x 13 pan if your prefer is you do not have a springform pan. Sometimes I omit the sour cream topping and just serve it with whipped cream and fresh berries.

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Father’s Day!!

Father’s Day is a special time to remember the men in our lives who have helped to shape us into the people we are today. I am especially thankful for my Heavenly Father who gave me salvation, my earthly father who has given me a goodly Christian heritage, and to my husband, the father of my children who has sacrificed to move to the mission outreach where we are now living. Below I am listing a few of my favorite recipes to make for Father’s Day.

This post has affiliated links, if you purchase items through these links, I receive a small commission but your price doesn’t change. Many thanks to those of you who have purchased through these links. It has been a blessing to us.

Armadillo Eggs THM-S
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Strawberry Pie THM-S

Nothing says summer like a freshly picked, sun-kissed strawberry. As a young teen I spent many hours picking strawberries for produce stand. Strawberries are the first berries to ripen followed by raspberries a few week later. This strawberry pie is a makeover of an old family favorite. It pie never last long at our house and I am sure it won’t at yours either. My regular recipe asked for strawberry jello but I have substituted Strawberry Kool Aid and unflavored gelatin to be able to make it sugar-free.

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Cherry Pinwheel Finger Jello THM-FP

Finger Jello is always a highlight for children at picnics and potlucks. These Pinwheels are easy to make and feature unflavored gelatin which is good for your health. Each flavor is whisked together using my favorite stainless steel whisk before it is poured in layers in a 10 x 15 baking pan. Cherry and Strawberry Kool Aid are 2 kinds that I have found that do not have maltodextrin listed as an ingredient so I use them as a handy Drive-thru-Sue ingredient. If you need a snack to keep in your fridge this summer for your children, I’m sure they would love these pinwheels. Sour cream maybe substituted for the Greek Yogurt for an S setting if you prefer.

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A brand new item–watch for it later this summer!!

From Pearl – THM author –
“This happened today! It has taken 3 years from the day Serene and I created this bar in Serene’s kitchen. They told us it couldn’t be done… no fillers… no syrups… no fake fibers… nope, can’t do it all the bar factories said. We decided to take matters into our own hands. We built a manufacturing center, we bought the bar machines, we hired engineers to work on the machines…over and over again… so the machines could actually work with our recipe. Finally Today the flow wrapper and bar came together for the first time! Aren’t our babies beautiful?

p.s… I can’t give exact date for release but hopefully later this summer. Oh…. and it is FP!!!”

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Vanilla/Caramel Iced Coffee THM-FP

Summertime is rapidly approaching and I am always on the lookout for refreshing drinks to serve to my family and to guests. Iced Coffee is a favorite and this recipe uses leftover brewed coffee from our breakfast time. You can adjust the extracts and sweeteners to your liking if you prefer it less sweet. I added just a bit of cream to get a smooth creamy texture but it still is within THM FP guidelines. I use my hand blender or my Ninja Blender to thoroughly mix it. My family enjoys this drink and I hope you will, too.

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