Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies, THM XO, Sugar-free

Sourdough is a very intriguing world to venture into. Once you have a good reliable sourdough starter you may as well use it in whatever you can. How about Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies? With this recipe I use starter that is in my fridge and has not been fed for some times. It can be called discard or unfed starter. These cookies are so delicious and you wouldn’t even know that sourdough was used in them.

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Strawberry Roundup!

Strawberries are the first fruits to arrive at roadside stands and in home gardens. These luscious juicy fruits can be used in desserts, salads, smoothies and much more. I just spent some time in Lancaster County, a place well known for produce farms. Just look at these luscious strawberries I picked in a pick-ur-own patch. These berries are huge as you can see by the one I am holding in my hand.

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