Curried Butternut Bisque THM E, Dairy-free option, Gluten-free

Fall brings with it a harvest of winter squash and pumpkins. One of our favorite winter squash is the humble butternut squash. We love these roasted and eaten with butter and salt like a potato and if you have any leftover they can be made into this delicious bisque. This bisque is the perfect bend of sweet and spice for cool fall weather.

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TRIM HEALTHY MAMA SALE…..October 12-13, 2021

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If you’ve been waiting on mild cheesy crackers… or perhaps extra spicy ones… those two new flavors are releasing tomorrow…. they’ll be known as Easy Cheesy and Firecracker

Remember the Everything Awesome Shameless crackers….they’re coming back and they’re fantastically crispy again, full of Everything Bagel flavor, FP and dairy free.

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Creamy Dreamy Plant Protein, Whey Protein, collagen, protein bars and other things will be on sale.

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Low Country Boil—THM E, GF, SF, DF

Low Country Boil is a quick and easy one-dish to prepare. This simple dish can also called Frogmore Stew. What could be better than potatoes, corn, and onions from your garden added to this boil. Have your children husk the corn, scrub the potatoes, and dinner will be served in a jiffy. Better yet, lay newspaper on a picnic table, boil the stew outside over a campfire, drain, pour the boil down the center of the table, and you have an easy cleanup!

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Preserving Food—Pizza Sauce, THM FP, SF, DF, GF

Preserving Food and large gardens/orchards have been a way of life for my family for generations. Rows of jars lined canning shelves and freezers were full of food by summer’s end.

Tomato products have always be a favorite of many people, including myself to can. Pizza Sauce is a must at our house. This sauce is made without sugar and chock full of veggies. I love to make pizza using sourdough crust! In fact we rarely buy pizza since we prefer this homemade version.

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