THM SALE! August 27, 2019


Next Tuesday, August 27 FOUR huge things are going down!

Number 1 – BARS BABY BARS! Yep, the THM protein bar which has been four years in the making (well I should say in the waiting) is being released. It took so long to get to you because it is a one of a kind bar… nothing like it. We had to build our own bar factory to get it done as nobody else could make it for us. No fillers or fake fibers. Just pure, perfectly balanced protein in a chocolate brownie flavor with a little metabolism revving MCT oil as fat. It is a FP! It is going to rock your life!

Nuber 2 – THM HOMESCHOOL CURRICULUM… yes released on the same day. Did I not say next Tuesday will be huge!!!!???

Nuber 3 – All… repeat… ALL our CBD products will be on sale along with a super special THM orange cream and orange otion bundle.

Number 4 – a $5 off coupon that will be good for the day. We tried a special push notification on your app today mentioning this $5 coupon but we are new App parents and messed it up. The code is THMAPP. It will be good for any purchase of fifty bucks or more (the Begginer’s Trim Healthy You curriculum kit – 3rd to 5th grade is $49.99 but it will still qualify.)

So, you see why I am giving you extra days for this heads up. You might want to prepare a little and talk to hubbies etc. Oh also… there will be a limit on amounts of bars you can buy at first as we want everyone to get to try them. They’ll be in singles or bundles of 6. It will be a limit of 2 bundles of 6 for each purchase.

I will be adding more details and affiliate links next Tuesday.


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake, THM S

Cool nights and blooming goldenrod tell us that fall is rapidly approaching. The pumpkin vines are hanging full and ready for harvest. I love pumpkin cake and this one is a winner with Bake Believe Dark Chocolate Chips. This cake didn’t last long at our house and I a sure it won’t at your either. You may wonder why I have chosen to add peanut flour to this cake! I find that peanut flour helps the texture of low-carb cakes making the more like the sugar/flour laden ones.

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How to Can Diced Tomatoes THM-FP

Have you wanted to learn the art of canning? You can! Here is a step-by-step tutorial on canning diced tomatoes. This is an easy item to start with and you can just do a few pints at a time as you learn the process. The best thing of all –you will have a superior product compared to what you can purchase in the store because you control what you put into the jars. I love to can diced tomatoes in the summertime to add to Taco Soup and Beefy Cabbage Soup in the cold winter months.

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Peach Slush to freeze THM-E

Have you ever wanted a way to preserve the fresh taste of peaches all year long? You can! Peaches freeze very well and they taste just as good as when you have them tree-ripened in the summer. My family loves frozen peaches slush in their packed lunches. Freestone peaches like Red Haven, John Boy, and Contender are the best peaches to use for freezing. Peaches are available from late May into early October depending on your location.

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Bread and Butter Pickles THM FP, Sugar-free, Low-carb

Pickling cucumbers always find an honored place in my garden. These cucumbers are different than the cukes you buy in the stores. Pickling cucumbers are especially bred for pickling–just like their name says. They are short and blocky, medium yellow/green in color, and have black spines. They make the BEST pickles. I love to can all different kinds of pickles and my family loves them.

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Fresh Peach Pie THM XO

Fresh juicy peaches have come to our produce markets in the north-east corner of Pennsylvania where we now live. One of my favorite ways to serve fresh peaches is in a pie. My family loves it and if I am not careful, it is gone before I get to taste it. I used John-Boy Peaches and they have a very good flavor. Some of my favorite peaches are Red Haven, Contender, and for fresh eating Saturn Peach. Saturn peaches have white flesh and are donut shaped.

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Turkey Ham and Veggie Quiche THM FP

Are you ever in a hurry for breakfast? This Quiche is my favorite Fuel Pull breakfast when I need a quick option. You can use any kind of low carb vegetables in it. One of the great things about summer is that you can go out to you garden and pick veggies to use. You can’t get it any fresher than that. I have a small 6 inch pie plate that works perfect for this quiche. This quiche can be made dairy free by omitting the cottage cheese.

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