Easter Desserts/Candy

Desserts and Candy! who doesn’t like them! Here is a list of my favorite dessert that I make for special occasions. As you can see I love to cook/bake!

This gorgeous cake is made with white dried beans and you can’t even taste it. This Strawberry Cake is so tasty.

Delicious creamy Coconut candy! i love these and they are even dairy free!

If you have never made truffles..these Coconut Truffles are amazing!

The layered cheesecake was an inspiration of mine for my 51st birthday. What would be better than combining a cheesecake with a Red Velvet Cake. Cheesecake Layered Red Velvet Cake.

I Love angel food cakes and this one is an show piece in a dessert buffet. This Strawberry Angel Food Cake is so delicious with fresh strawberries layered with cream cheese filling.

Truffles…I love them! These Raspberry Truffles are a favorite at our house. I have already made MInt Truffles but raspberry are still my favorite.

My children always cringed when mom said…”it’s time to trim raspberries.” But they sure enjoyed eating them when they were ripe. I love Black Raspberry Ice Cream and I hope it becomes a favorite at your house, too.

My husband loves this cheesecake with fresh fruit. It makes a lovely presentation on your holiday dessert table. So try this..The Perfect Cheesecake and let me know what you think of it.

Who can resist a juicy strawberry? As a young teen I sent many a summer day picking strawberries for a pick-you-own patch. I love to make a few Strawberry Pies for my family as soon as these luscious berries are ready.

This Angel Food Strawberry Dessert is just right for a small gathering.I love the elegance of this dessert.

This cheesecake is what my son requests every year for his birthday. Lemon Meringue Cheesecake will take a little time to make but is tastes so good.

This Espresso Mousse is a Fp and is so great to have after a heavy meal.

Here is an easy to make Lemon Cheesecake Mousse that is so easy to make. I love to serve it in little glass canning jars.

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    • there are page numbers under the Strawberry cake picture. You need to click on the page number to few the entire post.

  1. Beautiful recipes, Glenda. Thank you!! On the Strawberry Pie, what purpose does the 1/2 envelope of Strawberry Koolaid serve? Is it primarily flavoring? I am thinking about making this without the koolaid since I am limited on grocery store trips and don’t have this. What do you think?

      • Theres no such thing as strawberry extract. Koolaid is not healthy. Its full of sugar and junk and dyes. It’s not on any diet.

      • You can buy Strawberry Extract/Flavoring. There is many kinds to choose from. The Kool Aid I have used in this recipe does not have any sugar in it.

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