National Doughnut Day!!!

Today is National doughnut Day and these sourdough doughnuts are a winner everytime I serve them. I love working with sourdough and this recipe was created from a yeast recipe my late aunt was famous for making. I don’t make doughnuts very often but when I do they disappear rapidly.

These doughnut have been cut and are rising.
I use lard we made from hogs we butchered.
Cooling and waiting for filling.

You will find the recipe for Sourdough Doughnuts on this blog post. Sourdough is a fascinating world to get into and it is much easier than you think it is.

You will find many more sourdough recipes in the spiral bound 600+ page Around the Family Table Cookbook. All recipes are sugar-free and label with the correct fuel. Books can be purchased using this link. I will send a small jar of mature sourdough starter by request and I ask that you cover the cost of shipping/packing. PM me if you would like to receive a small jar of mature starter. You may also request a small jar of FREE sourdough starter with the purchase of a cookbook.   Buy It Now.

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