Amish Fry Pies with Sourdough Pastry, THM XO, Sugar-free, Dairy-free

If you ever traveled into areas where Amish people have bakeries you will find fry pies! These hand held delicacies are made with a flaky pie crust filled with various fillings. Traditionally, these are fried like a doughnut but they can be baked, also.

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Sourdough Naan Bread with Garlic and Cilantro, THM E

Naan Breads are a soft pillowy flatbread native to India and parts of South and west Asia. Yogurt is added to the dough t give it its unique flavor and soft tender texture. These breads are cooked in a special oven called a tandoor. However, you can make them in a cast iron skillet, too. The garlic and cilantro gives these breads a wonderful flavor. The soft, chewy texture is hard to beat. I will use these naan breads to make Fish Gyros with a yogurt sauce. So delicious!!

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