A Wedding

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Our family was blessed to have a new son join our family on September 23rd when our oldest daughter, Andrea, got married. The weeks before the wedding were extremely busy times of sewing dresses, doing alterations on suit coats, and then the food prep began. I thoroughly enjoy cooking/baking and that was a plus as we made most of the food for 270+ people. Miranda helped to measure freshly ground coffee into gallon jars to make cold-brewed iced coffee concentrate. It was a warm day so it was very refreshing to have a cup or two of iced coffee.

  • Cold-brewed Iced Coffee
  • 4 cups freshly ground coffee
  • 1/3 cup vanilla
  • Cold water to fill gallon jar
  • Allow the coffee to brew at room temperature for 12-24 hours. Strain and discard the grounds. Refrigerate.  To make iced coffee use 1 part concentrate, 1 part milk, 1 part ice, and sweetener of your choice. For myself, I prefer almond/coconut milk but for serving at the wedding we used whole milk from Lapp Valley Farms. We, also, had flavored syrups and Reddi-whip individuals could add to their coffee. If you have never tried cold-brewed coffee, try it. You may be surprised at the wonderful flavor in this refreshing drink.


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