Deep S Day

I have been trying to have days where I eat and drink a certain fuel type. Today’s blog post is on a Deep S day. We are very early risers due to the men’s work schedule. After I have breakfast made, lunches packed, and the men off for work; I sit down for a few minutes with coffee in the quietness of the morning. Breakfast is eaten a few hours later when the rest of the children are up.

My menu was; Bullet Proof Coffee; Breakfast—Sauteed zucchini with 2 eggs; Lunch—Sauteed Cabbage, zucchini, and peppers with a flounder fillet; Supper–Salad with chicken, avocado, eggs, and a vinaigrette dressing. I used coconut oil to saute the vegetables and meats. I also like to drink at least 3 quarts of water/drinks. I vary between Green Apple GGMS, Tropical Singing Canary, and mint flavored water. And who can resist a few Skinny Chocolate covered coffee beans for a snack.

I am always amazed how good I feel after I do a day of Deep S. With the schedule we have at our house; I have found it works the best for me to do days of certain fuel types than to do two weeks of a Fuel Cycle.

Many thanks for having patience with me as I learn the art of blogging. I will be adding links with recipes in the coming weeks. I know some of you wonder when I have time for this; but my way of relaxing is to sit down for a few minutes working on the cookbook, a blog post, or baking in my kitchen.

As for the wedding that is rapidly approaching; I do have several of the dresses finished, food planned and ordered, and their house is almost ready. Pray that God will continue to use me for His Glory as I strive to serve and honor Him.


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