Jalapeno Corn Relish, THM E, sugar-free

Sweet and tangy Jalapeno Corn Relish is just what you need to serve at your next gathering. It has the perfect pop between sweet and tangy. This relish is tasty served over fish tacos, corn bread, hot dogs, or any grilled main course.

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Apricot Lemon Baobab Protein Bars THM FP, Sugar-Free, Low Carb

Protein bars are a handy snack to keep in your fridge for those times when you are busy but still need to eat. Lemon/apricot has always been a favorite of mine and i just had to combine them together into one bar. These citrus tasting bars are so good with just a few white sugar-free chocolate chips added to them. If you only add 5-8 chocolate chips to each bar it will still be a THM FP.

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