Wilted Spinach Salad THM-FP

Spring—what a wonderful time of the year when everything turns green and begins to grow. One of the first seeds to be planted in my garden are spinach and radish seeds. Spinach is very easy to grow, loves cool weather, and is so tasty in garden salads. This easy to make salad uses just a few ingredients but is big in flavor. I can’t wait to plant my garden but since our new place is further north I haven’t planted yet. Maybe this weekend I can get my early crop out.

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Egg Salad THM FP

What do you do when you really want egg salad on a toasted piece of sourdough bread but you don’t want a crossover? Low-fat cottage cheese and mustard blended together, mixed with diced hard boiled egg whites added just the right touch to make a Fuel Pull Egg Salad that not only tasted wonderful but tricked the eyes in looking like it was made with whole eggs. It was delicious served on toasted Sourdough bread with slices of tomatoes, onions, and lettuces leaves. Serving it on sourdough bread made my lunch a E from the carbs in the bread but it also can be served on lettuce leaves for a FP.

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