Mint Chocolate Iced Latte THM-FP, SF, Low Carb, GF

Coffee is a favorite drink of mine as you probably can tell by now! This Mint Chocolate Iced Latte is delicious and so refreshing! You can’t go wrong paring these flavors together. The Latte in itself in is a FP but if you garnish it with whipped cream as pictured it is an S. I will often drink it without whipped cream but it is special to serve to guests with garnishes and my daughters think it need whipped cream, too!

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Fall Giveaway WINNERS!!

Thanks to all who entered this Giveaway! Here are the 3 winners. 1st–mrsmuss17 Instagram, 2nd–Brittany Crowell Facebook, and 3rd–thedelightfulcottage Instagram.

Today and tomorrow, September 27-28, there will be half price Priority shipping on all cookbook orders. You may request a free jar of starter sent with your order.

Seven Day Sweet Pickles THM-FP, Sugar-free, Low Carb

Cucumbers have always been a top priority when deciding what to plant in my garden. Our family loves to eat them raw and I love to pickle them. A favorite recipe to can for years was Seven Day Sweet Pickles. This recipe can be found in old cookbooks from our grandmother’s time. The original recipe took quite a lot of sugar but you can have the same crunchy sweet pickle using Stevia.

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Fried Apples THM-E, Sugar-free, and Dairy-free option

Crisp, juicy apples in shades of green, yellow, and red are being picked in orchards these late summer days. Their flavors vary from tart to honey sweet. In our area freshly picked apples begin to appear at produce markets in late July and continue being picked until late October.  Fried apples are so easy to make and the Brown Sugar Sweetener caramelizes on them for a melt-in-your-mouth goodness. I was gifted Granny Smith Apples and the combination of tart/caramelized is so appealing.

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Pumpkin and Apple Recipes

Fall would not be complete without apples and pumpkins. Crunchy sweet apples and creamy pumpkin pie remind us of Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Here is a collection of recipes using these two fall crops. I hope you will enjoy them as much as our family does.

Pumpkin Scones THM S

For many years we had a hobby orchard of 30+ fruit trees. There were quite a few apple trees which produced bushels of fruit. We had plenty for fresh eating, baking, canning, and even to make gallons of cider. One of our favorite fresh eating apple is Gala.

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