Strawberry Pie THM-S

Nothing says summer like a freshly picked, sun-kissed strawberry. As a young teen I spent many hours picking strawberries for produce stand. Strawberries are the first berries to ripen followed by raspberries a few week later. This strawberry pie is a makeover of an old family favorite. It pie never last long at our house and I am sure it won’t at yours either. My regular recipe asked for strawberry jello but I have substituted Strawberry Kool Aid and unflavored gelatin to be able to make it sugar-free.

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Cherry Pinwheel Finger Jello THM-FP

Finger Jello is always a highlight for children at picnics and potlucks. These Pinwheels are easy to make and feature unflavored gelatin which is good for your health. Each flavor is whisked together using my favorite stainless steel whisk before it is poured in layers in a 10 x 15 baking pan. Cherry and Strawberry Kool Aid are 2 kinds that I have found that do not have maltodextrin listed as an ingredient so I use them as a handy Drive-thru-Sue ingredient. If you need a snack to keep in your fridge this summer for your children, I’m sure they would love these pinwheels. Sour cream maybe substituted for the Greek Yogurt for an S setting if you prefer.

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Strawberry Cream THM-FP

Strawberries herald the spring/summer season as roadsides stands and markets display boxes of crimson fruit. They are the easiest fruit to grow in backyard gardens and produce very well. This dessert is refreshing on warm, summer days and best of all it is a Fuel Pull. Using frozen berries thickens the dessert almost immediately after blending in soften gelatin. I am enjoying more FP desserts to balance out those meals when I just need a bit more protein and something sweet.

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