Trail Mix, Sugar-free, Low Carb, THM S or OX

Have your every wished for a healthy Trail Mix to take along when you travel or are hiking? Something that is not loaded with sugar? The new Bake Believe Chocolate Chips in three flavors, Dark, White, and Semi-sweet add just the right sweetness with the saltiness of nuts and a bit of fruit to make this mix a winner.

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All Purpose Seasoned Salt — THM FP

Most All Purpose Seasoned Salts you buy in stores have undesired items in them. I love to buy large containers of spices and mix my own blends and salts. There are many kinds of spices — Mesquite Powder, smoked peppers, and salts to help make your own unique seasoning blends. You can adjust the amount of Cayenne Pepper for the desired heat your prefer. I have already use Smoked Chipotle Pepper or if you really like heat try Smoked Ghost Pepper.

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