Cobb Salad THMS, Sugar-free, Low-carb, Keto

Our family loves salads and this one is the tops! This Cobb Salad also gives a wonderful presentation at potlucks and picnics. Some of our children are not crazy of bleu cheese so I keep it to one side for those of us who do!

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Stuffed Mushrooms and Zucchini, THM S, Keto, Sugar-free, Low-Carb!

Pennsylvania is often referred to the mushroom capital of the world. 63% of the United States white mushroom crop is grown in this state. What is better than stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer or even stuffed portabellas as a main entree? This tasty ground beef filling is chock full of hidden veggies and lots of flavor. I will often triple this recipe, stuff, and bake the mushrooms. They then can be frozen in a single layer on a cookie sheet. When totally frozen; vacuum pack in bags and return to the freezer. In need of a quick meal–defrost and heat.

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Sourdough Perogies THM-XO

One of the many traditional German side dishes popular in Lancaster County is homemade egg noodles. I learned the art of noodle making from my Old Order Mennonite grandmother and aunts as they made dishpans of noodles for their large families. The Atlas Noodle Maker I have was a gift from my late mother-in-law. These Perogies are made with sourdough pasta that has been fermented for more than 24 hours. With this recipe you can also make noodles and even Ravioli. Perogies and ravioli are a bit time consuming but we do enjoy them for special occasions.

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Barbecue Chicken Sourdough Personal Pan Pizza…THM-E

Who can resist a crispy chewy crust personal pan pizza? This Barbecue Chicken Pizza is just perfect paired with a large garden salad for a delightful THM-E meal. Sourdough is very easy to do and makes the best pizza crust. I use low-fat cheese to keep under 6 grams of fat and use cooked chicken breast. In the summertime I process garden tomatoes into Memphis Barbecue Sauce that is wonderful on this pizza.

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Nicaraguan Rice and Beans with Cabbage Salad, THM-E

Our daughter spent two years living in the loving country of Nicaragua at a Christian Mission as a relief worker. We, as a family, traveled to see her and acquired a taste for native food. Black Beans and Rice soon became a favorite in our house. In Nicaragua a thin sour cream is served with this dish. I will at times use fat-free Greek Yogurt but most often just hot sauce and a few tomatoes. This meal may look complicated but with the use of a Crockpot and Insta-pot it is a very simple economical meal to put together. I always make a double recipe so I can have leftovers for the next day.

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Insta-Pot Taco Soup THM-E

Quick and easy meals — we all love them, don’t we? Mondays are hectic days for me as a mother of eight. My laundry room usually has this enormous mound of dirty wash waiting for my attention. Our family has come to expect simple meals and this is one of my favorites. Everything can be done in the Insta-Pot and all I need to do is add cornbread or a salad to finish out the meal. Any leftovers are saved for lunches the next day.

Taco Souop (1)
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