Amish Fry Pies with Sourdough Pastry, THM XO, Sugar-free, Dairy-free

If you ever traveled into areas where Amish people have bakeries you will find fry pies! These hand held delicacies are made with a flaky pie crust filled with various fillings. Traditionally, these are fried like a doughnut but they can be baked, also.

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Sourdough Fruit-filled Cinnamon Roll Wreath, THM XO

Christmas Holiday is a time for giving gifts just like God gave the greatest gift to us, Jesus! Our family loves to give gifts to our neighbors like this fruit filled wreath. My regular recipe was filled with so much sugar so I decided to try a sugar-free one. I used my favorite Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls recipe with a few modifications. Polaner All Fruit Spread was an easy fruit filling to use. This recipe makes 2 wreaths–1 to share and 1 to serve to your guests!

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