Horse Progress Days…Grand Prize Winners!

Horse Progress Days are now a memory! Our family set up a vender stand in the Homemaker’s building. I had two sessions, Friday and Saturday where I showed ladies how to feed/care for your starter, mix bread dough, do stretch and folds, shape and slash bread, and we finished with a crusty loaf of bread that we got out of the oven. I used the cast iron baker pictured below. I love it! We then allowed the ladies to sample the loaf at our vender stand after it had cooled.

The Grand Prize Winner of the Lodge Cast Iron Baker is REBECCA BYLER of Clymer New York. Each Person who attended a session of the sourdough demonstration was given a ticket to enter into this drawing

We had an additional drawing for anyone to enter which was a sourdough kit which includes 10 pounds Wheat Montana Prairie Gold Flour, 2 pounds King Arthur Bread Flour, 8 ounces Vital Wheat Gluten, and a sourdough starter. These kits can be purchased from our blog store.

The winner of this kit is Brenda Troyer, Sugarcreek, Ohio.

Wheat Montana Prairie Gold 100% Whole Wheat Flour, 5 Lb. Bag

Prairie Gold flour is available in 5 pound bags, 10 pound bags, or 50 pounds bags.

Books, Sourdough Kits, and Sourdough Starter can be purchased from our blog store. We ship Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays so you order is will be processed quickly.

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