Cranberry Bread Pudding THM E, SF

Have you ever wondered what to do with stale or loaves of bread that did not turnout right? Have you ever tried bread pudding? Bread pudding is an old fashioned dessert that our grandmas used to make. It was a handy way to use up those stale bits of bread and turn them into a delicious dessert.

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Sourdough Waffles THM E, DF, SF

Waffles!! our family loves them! This sourdough waffles batter can be mixed up a day or two before you want to make them. You can either ferment the batter on the counter at room temperature or it can be cold fermented. These waffles have a crispy crust and just the right flavor to be delicious. If you have excess starter or discard this recipe is the perfect way to use it up. You can either use a large waffles iron or you can use a round mini Dash Waffle iron to make these perfectly round waffles that make perfect sandwiches.

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No-knead Pumpkin Sourdough Bread THM E

I love pumpkin season and everything that goes along with this time of year. Pumpkin Sourdough Bread is a moist tasty bread with just a hint of pumpkin and cinnamon and best of all you can shape it like a pumpkin! My family loves to toast a slice of this bread, spread lightly with butter, and sprinkle with cinnamon/sweetener. It is also good to serve along aside a hearty pot of soup, make Pumpkin Bread Pudding, or yummy French Toast.

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No-knead Pumpernickel Sourdough Bread, THM E, Dairy Free

Sourdough Pumpernickel Bread like you can buy in the gourmet section of the grocery store — why, yes, you can make it in your kitchen. This moist dense-grained bread is big on flavor. Don’t forget the caraway seeds, they add a wonderful flavor to this Old World Bread. This No-knead Sourdough Pumpernickel joins my collection of No-knead Bread which are so handy to mix and make.

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Plum Jam THM-E

This is a great time of the year when orchard begin to give of their bounty. Plums are a delicious tart/sweet fruit and we enjoy them picked ripe from the trees. This Plum Jam features four kitchen staple ingredients and has a wonderful flavor. I use unflavored gelatin in almost all of the jams I make and they store very well. The jam will need to be refrigerated to thicken. This evening I found my teenage son eating the jam from the jar by the spoonfuls! That’s just how good it is.

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Making a Sourdough Starter!

Sourdough baking is an incredible baking adventure and it can begin in your kitchen today. It is an art and it is so rewarding to pull a crusty artisan or a soft sandwich loaf out of the oven. In the post we will begin in the very beginning of sourdough, starting with the first tablespoon of flour and water to make a starter. We will take you through the day by day steps to have a successful baking experience.

No-knead Sourdough Bread
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