Peanut Butter Angel Food Cake, THM FP, SF, DF, GF, Low-carb

Angel Food Cakes are a delicious fluffy light dessert to add to any meal. I love to bake and these cakes are so easy! This Peanut Butter Angel Food cake uses defatted peanut flour instead of regular wheat flour. Which makes it a Fuel Pull even with the frosting. Try this delicious dessert and see what you think of it!!

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Strawberry Angel Food Cake, THM-S, Keto, Sugar and Gluten Free

Strawberries are one of my favorite berries. I think my family agrees with me because if I don’t hide them–I don’t get any! I always loved to bake Angel Food Cakes and this recipe was the first cake I made sugar and gluten free. This cake makes an impressive dessert when you add fresh berries and cream cheese filling. It would be embarrassing to tell you how quickly this platter was emptied at my house. My family loves it!!

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