It’s all About Sourdough! Cookbook with sourdough starter


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Purchase the BRAND NEW It’s all About Sourdough Cookbook!  Included in this purchase is a packet of 10 grams dried sourdough starter.

It’s all about Sourdough Cookbook is dedicated to teaching how to make a sourdough starter,  caring for a starter, make bread and much more, and troubleshooting. It features a hardcover with spiral binding.  250+ pages with many,  many pictures. Below is a sample of a few pages.

44 thoughts on “It’s all About Sourdough! Cookbook with sourdough starter

  1. Hi Glenda, I would like to sell your new sourdough cookbook in our store. I would take twelve cookbooks. Our store is Country View Bulk Foods located at 177 N Germania Road. Snover Mi 48472. Any questions give me a call at 810-672-8894. Thanks so much, Sheila Martin

      • To my Canadian friend, Sarah Lynn in the St Catherines area, today I bought Glenda’s new book at the Christian store called Living Waters in Elmira, ON. I am not a baker so I’m looking forward to this new venture! Derek (Guelph, ON)

  2. I am ordering your new cookbook …..leaving town and want to be sure I get the starter and it not go bad…I am wondering what approx shipping time is to FL so I know which address to give? Thank you!

  3. Trying to decide on which address to use….will cookbooks be shipped within a week or longer? No rush on my part….just don’t want sourdough to go bad.

  4. How many days does it generally take to receive your cookbook? I’m considering ordering as a gift and want to make sure it will arrive in time 😊 I’m in Washington state. Thank you!

  5. In the new cookbook, many recipes have a refrigerating ferment step and a room temperature ferment. Is it one or the other, or both?

  6. My husband got me this for Mothers’ Day (at my request 😉 ). I love the hard cover and having a hard copy of some of my favorite recipes (like the single loaf honey oat bread) so I don’t have to pull up my laptop and go back and forth when I bake. 😀

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