No-bake Fresh Peach Cheesecake THM-Crossover

If you are like me–you wish peach season would last longer. This fluffy cheesecake features peaches. Even better yet, it is a no-bake dessert so you don’t have to turn your oven on. The walnuts in the crust add a delightful crunch and pair with the smoothness of the filling. There are so many peaches varieties to pick from but my favorites for fresh eating are Red Haven, Sun High, and Contender. 

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Sourdough Perogies THM-XO

One of the many traditional German side dishes popular in Lancaster County is homemade egg noodles. I learned the art of noodle making from my Old Order Mennonite grandmother and aunts as they made dishpans of noodles for their large families. The Atlas Noodle Maker I have was a gift from my late mother-in-law. These Perogies are made with sourdough pasta that has been fermented for more than 24 hours. With this recipe you can also make noodles and even Ravioli. Perogies and ravioli are a bit time consuming but we do enjoy them for special occasions.

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Sourdough Doughnuts THM-XO

Fasnacht Day is tomorrow and widely celebrated in Lancaster County. The tradition of eating fastnachts on Fat Tuesday started with the Pennsylvania Dutch as they were looking for recipes to use up lard before Lent. Fastnacht is a German word which means “night before the fast. I have always saved the lard we make when we butcher hogs in the winter to fry doughnuts. These sourdough doughnuts are very tasty and our family loves them.

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