Shakshuka Eggs, THM S, DF option, GF, SF

Have you ever wanted breakfast eggs with a different twist? Try Shaksuka eggs. They are an absolutely delicious Israeli style egg dish with cumin and smoked paprika. I love it for something different.

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Preserving Food—Pizza Sauce, THM FP, SF, DF, GF

Preserving Food and large gardens/orchards have been a way of life for my family for generations. Rows of jars lined canning shelves and freezers were full of food by summer’s end.

Tomato products have always be a favorite of many people, including myself to can. Pizza Sauce is a must at our house. This sauce is made without sugar and chock full of veggies. I love to make pizza using sourdough crust! In fact we rarely buy pizza since we prefer this homemade version.

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