Pickled Okra, THM FP, Sugar-free, THM FP, SF

Pickled okra is crunchy with just a hint of garlic and dill. These pickled pods add a special touch to relish trays and are a southern specialty.

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Preserving Food—Pizza Sauce, THM FP, SF, DF, GF

Preserving Food and large gardens/orchards have been a way of life for my family for generations. Rows of jars lined canning shelves and freezers were full of food by summer’s end.

Tomato products have always be a favorite of many people, including myself to can. Pizza Sauce is a must at our house. This sauce is made without sugar and chock full of veggies. I love to make pizza using sourdough crust! In fact we rarely buy pizza since we prefer this homemade version.

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Blueberry Pie Filling to Can, Sugar-free

Blueberries….are one of the easiest berries to take care of. When we purchased this property there were 6 blueberry bushes along the woods. I do have to compete with the birds some years especially when it is dry. My blueberry bushes provide me with gallons of fruit with very minimal care. There isn’t any peeling or pitting, just pick the berries and eat them!!!

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