Sourdough Beginner Kit WITHOUT a cookbook


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This kit includes 10 pounds Prairie Gold White Whole Wheat Flour,  2 pounds King Arthur Special Flour, 8 ounce Vital Wheat Gluten, and a sourdough starter. There are no instructions sent along with this kit. You will find instructions for feeding the starter and recipes on my blog.

16 thoughts on “Sourdough Beginner Kit WITHOUT a cookbook

  1. I recently purchased your starter and I’m unable to find King Arthur bread flour. Can you recommend another flour ? Thanks

  2. I purchased your starter kit and have loved it. I am running low on the KA special flour. Is that just the
    KA bread flour or is it a mix? Just wondering so I can purchase the correct thing.

  3. Good morning .. I’m wondering when this will be back in stock, I’ve watching for a few months and I guess I keep checking at the wrong time!

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