Gluten-free Starter Kit


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Gluten-free sourdough starter, 8 ounce gluten-free flour, and instructions on feeding your starter.

*this is made in a home that used regular gluten flours, too. We do our best to avoid cross contamination.

31 thoughts on “Gluten-free Starter Kit

  1. Hello, can you tell me what flours I will need to obtain for the gluten free starter? Just want to make sure I can get them easily. Thanks

  2. Do you have an ebook of JUST gluten free, THM-style sourdough recipes? I cannot use your other recipes that use gluten flours. In your Just Sourdough cookbook…….how many of the recipes use your Gluten Free starter? Thanks.

  3. Hi can the gluten free starter be refrigerated when not going to be baking with it? I do the scraping method with the starter (gluten) I only keep about 2T of starter in the fridge and feed before baking. I love it this way, as I don’t bake very often.

  4. Wow, the Gluten-Free starter is popular! 😊 It is October 3,2023. Less than a month since your last available. What a blessing you are providing to others! I am curious when your next batch will available?

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