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The NEW printing has arrived!

I have edited and revised the original cookbook and added some additional information on sourdough.

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Order your copy of “Around the Family Table” cookbook today.

It is a 600+ page spiral bound cookbook with over 500 sugar free, low glycemic recipes including full color pictures. All recipes are categorized as fats (S), carbs (E), neutral (FP), or combined fuel (XO). Included in this book is sourdough introduction and troubleshooting,  40+ sourdough recipes, sugar-free canning and preserving, grilling, delicious desserts including cheesecakes, and even butchering recipes. There is step by step photos on sourdough starter and bread baking. This book is not endorsed or affiliated with Trim Healthy Mama although I have done my best to make the recipes within the THM guidelines.

The cookbook retails for $27.99 and if you would like a small jar of sourdough starter, please message me as soon as you purchase the book and I will include it with your order. The books ship within hours of being ordered so a prompt message for starter is appreciated. The starter is FREE with the purchase of a cookbook.


All books are  being shipped Priority Mail as we have had too many books being lost or damaged through Media Mail.

Canadians — this can be purchased from and Living Water Bookstore. Free Sourdough starter  is only available when purchased from the link below.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS–please email me for the shipping costs. 

I will be available to answer questions Monday through Saturday. Out of respect for the Lord’s Day, I will not be answering messages on Sundays.

Thank You!

Below is the button to purchase the cookbook!




There are 2 indexes in the cookbook. The first is an alphabetical list under each Category. The second index is each recipe is listed under Fats (S), Carbs (E), Combined (XO) or Neutral fuel (FP) within each section.

The recipes are listed in an alphabetical list under each category.
Category index so you can pick your recipe by the Fuel you would like.
Here is a sample of an actual page in the cookbook.


138 thoughts on “Buy It Now

  1. I just order the cookbook but did not find anywhere to request a sourdough starter. Can you help me. Kay Parks

  2. Just received my cookbook but I must have sent my message for the free started to the wrong place? 🙁 Really quick shipping and the recipes look great 🙂

  3. Glenda, the order now button is a blank square on my screen. I have pushed it twice but it only pulls up a “Save” button for Facebook.

  4. I purchased the book, could you please include the sourdough starter? Thanks and Gods blessings to you!

  5. I just bought your book and emailed you but wondered if this is where I should message you to ask for the starter? Sorry for the duplication but really am excited to get started with some starter and did not want to miss out on your kind offer! 🙂

  6. This is Laura Newman and I just ordered your cookbook. I’d love to try your starter. Mine is from wild I did myself. Or do you think mine will be ok?

  7. I’m so excited I just ordered your cookbook. I would also like a free starter with my book purchase. Thank you so much.

  8. Hi Glenda! I just ordered the cookbook and would love to receive the complimentary sour dough starter. I am so excited to get back to making sourdough bread.
    Barbara Lemley
    Receipt number: 4UV9365606118080V

  9. I just purchased your wonderful-sounding cookbook, but I didn’t see a place to request starter. Would you be able to send starter along, as well, please? Thanks! Our account is in the name of Glen Hawkins, and the address is PO Box 236, Riley, KS 66531

  10. Hello…Just ordered your cookbook, looking forward to it! Can you add the sour dough starter please?
    Thank you!
    Cheryl Melton

  11. HI there! I just ordered your cookbook! So excited to learn some new recipes! Please send me some starter if this is still available!

  12. Hi Glenda,
    I just purchased the cook book and am so excited to receive it and use more of your wonderful recipes! May I also get the sourdough starter with my order?
    Thank you,
    Jennie Johnson
    Receipt number: 8NX59160BJ097544P

  13. Ms. Glenda,
    I received your starter in October and have make the following from your recipes: pancakes, lemon poppy seed cake, no knead sour dough and pizza crust. Everything has turned out wonderful. I try to follow the THM way of eating. It was so good to have a REAL pizza again. I work more than full time so I have to do what I do on the weekends that I have free. Initially, I did not realize that the starter could be refrigerated, so I have shared the starter with many of the people that I work with. As I read more and more about sourdough starter, I have come to realize that the starter that you sent to me is a very strong starter. Thank you so much for your love of this craft and sharing with others.

    With kindest regards,

    Marie Harrison

  14. I am so excited!!! I just ordered my cookbook!! Thank you for the sale!! I would love another starter!! And thank you for the drawing!!!

  15. If I order the book and get the starter, but I’m just not quite ready to dive into making the bread, could I store the starter somehow?

    • I can send you dried starter and you can keep it as long as you would like. Just rehydrate with water when you want to use it.

  16. My grandfather has his own sourdough starter that he’s used for close to 50 years. If I get some from him, can I use it in your THM-friendly recipes or would I need to feed it with on-plan flour only?

    • I would get some of his. That is awesome and as long as it is fed just with water and flour you can use it in any THM recipe

  17. I ordered the starter first and now I have realized I need the cookbook. Is there a way to get a discount on the cookbook?

    • Around the Holidays I often have a special on the purchase of a cookbook. I will post that on my FB page and on my blog. You can find a lot of recipes on my blog and also tips for caring for your starter.

  18. Help!!! I tried ordering the book for my mom but I paid with PayPal and my address isn’t updated on PayPal so its going to my old house when I want it to go to her!! I can’t figure out how to stop it, correct it, contact anyone…my name is

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