Cookbook Pre-order…..It’s all About Sourdough!

PRE-ORDER! Purchase the BRAND NEW It’s all About Sourdough Cookbook at a special pre-order price for the month of January. Included in this purchase is a small packet of sourdough starter.

Books will ship February 1, 2023. All orders will be shipped  Priority Mail because sourdough starter is included with the cookbook and because media mail is just a few cents cheaper. 

It’s all about Sourdough Cookbook is dedicated to teaching how to make a sourdough starter, caring for a starter, question and answer section, and troubleshooting. It features a hardcover with spiral binding, 100+ recipes, some which have never been public facing, and 250+ pages with many, many pictures. Below is a sample of a few pages.

To purchase this book use this link It’s all About Sourdough!

4 thoughts on “Cookbook Pre-order…..It’s all About Sourdough!

    • there is over 100 recipes, some from my other book, but there are some which are brand new for this cookbook.

    • No, I do not ship to Canada. I am planning to offer the books to Healthy Family Foods and Living Waters Bookstore.

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