It’s a MEGA JULY sale just like Cyber Monday! This is a great time to stock up on any thing you need.

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Trim Healthy Mama Store


Under this link you will find the option to purchase different flavors. This is the best protein powder I have ever found.

reg $19.99/sale $17.99/$2 off unflavored 1 pound
reg $55.99/sale $50.99/$5 off unflavored 3 pounds
reg $24.99/sale $22.99/$2 off Chocolate 1 pound
reg $71.99/sale $66.99/$5 off Chocolate 3 pounds
reg $23.99/sale $21.99/$2 off Vanilla Bean 1 pound
reg $66.99/sale $61.99/$5 off Vanilla Bean 3 pound
reg $23.99/sale $21.99/$2 off Cookies and Cream 1 pound
reg $66.99/sale $61.99/$5 off Cookies and Cream 3 pounds

THM Collagen

reg $20.99/sale $18.99/$2 off Integral Collagen 16 ounces
reg $58.99/sale $52.99/$6 off 3 pounds


THM Sweeteners are the best you can find. I will only use their Stevia as all others have an aftertaste.

reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off SUPER SWEET 16 OUNCES
reg $27.99/sale $22.99/$5off SUPER SWEET 3 POUNDS

reg $10.99/sale $8.99/$2 off GENTLE SWEET 16 OUNCE
reg $28.99/sale $23.99/$5 off GENTLE SWEET 3 POUNDS

reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off XYLITOL FREE GENTLE SWEET 16 OUNCES
reg $27.99/sale $22.99/$5 off XYLITOL FREE GENTLE SWEET 3 POUNDS

reg $11.99/sale $9.99/$2 off STEVIA 1 OUNCE
reg $39.99/sale $33.99/$6 off STEVIA 4 OUNCES

:reg $8.99/sale $7.99/$1 off XYLITOL

reg $8.99/sale $7.99/$1 off ERYTHITOL

Brownie Fix Bars

Delicious FP bars that so handy to use for a snack.
– CHOCOLATE BROWNIE FIX 1.8oz: reg $2.59/sale $2.49/$ .10 off
– CHOCOLATE BROWNIE FIX 6-PACK: reg $13.99/sale $12.99/$ $1 off


Love sweet, tart, lemony coconut-ty things? We promise you’ve never tasted a protein bar like this before. It is brimming with health and immune boosting MCT’s and pure perfectly balanced protein to deliciously help you get through your day.

Baking Blend

Get baking with our original Baking Blend…  low in both fats and carbs and needless heavy calories. Make cakes, muffins, cookies, pancakes, breads and even bread your meats with it.

reg $8.99/sale $6.99/$2 off 16 ounces

reg $25.99/sale $19.99/$6 off 3 pounds

There is so many more products on sale. Check out the website through my affiliate link and you will be quite please with what you will find. Almost all the products are on sale. TRIM HEALTHY MAMA STORE

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